Erotic massage in Bucharest

Erotic massage in Bucharest


Hello, hello. This is my first English article here, on this blog, and I hope not my last one. In Romanian my blog is called it, translated in English it would be Wonderful.Me. Yeah, if you want to troll me, you can buy this address and make an English copy of my blog. But why would you do that?

Today I have the great chance of addressing to my foreign readers. Yes, I think I have foreign readers and, in my opinion, they deserve an article in English. No Google translate, no other translate programs. Sorry for my bad English, I think I have some errors.

So, for my English readers, I would like to present a very wonderful thing that you could do when being in Bucharest: erotic massage. There are a lot of salons in Bucharest, you can write on Google Erotic Massage Bucharest or Erotic Massage Salon Bucharest and you will find  a lot of locations. I’ve heard that in other countries this type of distraction is forbidden. In Romania it is legal and Bucharest is the city with the most salons in the country. I’ve also heard that in other cities this type of business has started growing in the last two years. I don’t know very much about this, I live in Bucharest, so I don’t know how things go in other cities.

Erotic Masage

No, I didn’t tried an erotic Massage or going to a salon, but I intend to do it. No, I’m not ashamed to go there or to say that I intend to go. And yes, I am not ashamed to write about this subject. In Romanian I’ve written many articles about this, not only here, because I have another 6 blogs (and the 8th is almost ready). Yes, 8 blogs, you’ve read well. Am I crazy?

So, yes, you can go to a Erotic massage in Bucharest, it’s cheaper than in other cities (every foreign friend that went to them told me that the price is low, for their income), it’s legal (very important) and you cannot do this in most of the countries. There are people that demand prostitution to be legalised. National church is putting a strong opposition on this idea, but I think in 2 or 3 years prostitution will be legalised.So, believe me, Erotic Massage is not prostitution, is totally different from it and is totally legal. Have fun in Bucharest and a WONDERFUL greeting from me!


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